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We've made it easier for you to choose the cocktails you want. Introducing Temple Street's Build-A-Pack.

Choose 4 lots of 3 cocktails from:
- Bee's Knees
- Old Fashioned
- Espresso Martini
- Garden Party
- Negroni
- Singapore Sling

Cocktail descriptions


    • Old Fashioned – Commonly made with American whisky, this cocktail is a concoction of caribbean dark rum, agave nectar and hazelnut liqueur that is smooth and easy to enjoy. 100ml

    • Bee's Knees - A refreshing Prohibition-era drink, Bee's Knees means "the best" and is brightly flavoured, lightly sweet, and totally delightful. 
      London dry gin with lemon juice and honey water with a dash of lavender bitters.  100ml

    • Negroni – Slightly bitter with a hint of chocolate (thanks to the addition of chocolate liqueur) this tipple is lighter on the palate than its classic counterpart. 100ml

    • Espresso Martini – An aromatic tipple made with top-quality Allpress coffee from Auckland, New Zealand, this is an indulgent cocktail made with wheat vodka and a little spice.  100ml

    • Garden Party – Reminiscent of British summer time, this super enjoyable cocktail is made with wheat vodka and features a refreshing blend of peach liqueur, lychee essence and a touch of mint, vermouth and lime. 100ml

    • Straits Iced Tea London dry gin, benedictine, cherry brandy, triple sec, grenadine, and a dash of bitters and pineapple & almond.  
      This national treasure in a bottle will make you want to throw your peanut shells on the floor with glee.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rudy Budiman
Bees knees is the best

Bees knees is my favorite

Conal McMahon
Fustercluck all-around with one bright spot.

I thought the Singapore asking was amazing! Really great cocktail and the others were pretty good as well, though I didn't enjoy the hazelnut taste in the Old Fashioned.

Some issues I had with the order:

1) I ordered on Saturday at around 5:35pm. As per the website and Facebook ads, orders received before 8pm on Friday and Saturday have same-day delivery and my order arrived on Sunday.

2) The contents of the order varies greatly from what I ordered. Four out of the 12 cocktails were cocktails I did not order.

3) When ordering, the website noted that orders of the 12x cocktail package would receive three cocktails for free. These were not forthcoming with my order.

4) I reached out to try to address and remedy the above a week ago and have not had any response.

Order if timing of delivery isn't an issue and you don't mind receiving a bunch of cocktails that you didn't order and wont drink.

Preeti Rai

Build-A-Box of 12


Build-A-Box of 12 (20% off)

Samir Kagrana
Good variety

Enjoy the pre-mixed cocktails in comfort of home.